The quality of the zipper speaks for the clothing

  • Have you double checked your zippers? On your down jackets, jeans, skirts, luggage, or other accessories, we may often use zippers to secure and secure our clothing and valuables, but we don't care much about them. In fact, there are different grades of zippers.

    Designers are usually very good at judging where zippers should fit properly and what kind of zippers should match the corresponding garment. Regular zippers can be found on generic garments such as uniforms, work clothes, etc., while high-quality luxury zippers are always associated with high-end clothing. Therefore, the zipper is the spokesperson of clothing.

  • Sabina Jacobs, an expert in luxury goods appraisal, said: "The zipper is an important indicator of whether an item is authentic. Authentic zippers usually have brand logos (Balenciaga will have Lampo printed on the back of the zipper puller)." or "B.", Dior will have "DIOR" printed on it, Gucci will have "GUCCI" printed on the back of the zipper puller) and will be higher quality—overall, they run smoother and feel more substantial." Apparently , the zipper can help identify the quality of a piece of clothing, and reflect the value of a piece of clothing at a good price.

    In other words, the zipper is an important accessory. It cannot represent clothing, but zippers can speak for clothing and show brand value. The wrong zipper can be a disaster for clothing and brands. So don't overlook zippers.

    As a zipper manufacturer, YAB adheres to the quality policy of "details make quality". YAB pays attention to every quality detail related to products and customers, and continuously improves quality through innovation.

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