What you need to know before ordering zippers

    • When it comes time to order a zipper for your design or production run, there are a few things you need to know and decide ahead of time before ordering a zipper. In this blog, we'll cover what you need to know before ordering a zipper to make your life, or at least your "zipper life" a little easier.

      How Much Is A Zipper?

      This is usually the first question we get when people walk through our doors. Answering the cost of a zipper is not complicated, but many factors need to be determined before a price can be given. One of the main things to know is that YAB Zipper does not carry inventory items. We manufacture and produce all zippers exactly to our customers' specifications. Here's what you need to know so we can provide you with accurate pricing.

      Zipper Type

      What type of zipper are you looking for? What is the ultimate zipper application? Are you looking for nylon coil , metal or plastic molded zippers ? Each type of zipper produced should meet the functional needs of the piece and balance with the aesthetics the designer is trying to achieve. Once you know what type of zipper you will be using, you can move on to the standard size.

      Zipper Style

      Zipper style refers to the actual purpose of the zipper. For example, if you are designing and producing a jacket, you will need a bottom separation zipper. For denim, a closed bottom is fine for you. If you have a long trench coat and need two zipper pullers, one at the top and one at the bottom, then you will need a two-way split bottom zipper.

      The basic zipper styles are:

      Close bottom

      Separate bottom

      Two-way separation bottom

      Two-way closed bottom

      Zipper Size

      At YAB Zipper, when we refer to gauge size, we mean the size of the teeth. We produce gauges #2 - #10 that cover the different types of zippers we make. That said, you need to know how big (width) you want the teeth to be, to again meet the functional needs of the piece as well as the aesthetic needs. If the zipper is a metal zipper, proceed to the zipper finish. If it's a nylon coil or plastic molded zipper, skip to the zipper length.

      Zipper Finish

      This only applies to metal zippers. Are you looking for Brass, Nickel, Gun Metal, Antique Nickel, Antique Brass and more? While finishing is primarily for aesthetics, in some cases the type of finishing should be considered based on the type of processing the garment will undergo. We see this a lot in the denim industry. Using all chemical cleaners to achieve a certain finish or appearance, the type of zipper finish should be planned ahead of time to ensure the zipper can withstand the required laundry washes.

      Zipper Length

      The next two are pretty straightforward. How long do you need a zipper? The length of the tape extender is not included when measuring the zipper. You only measure the zipper length from top dead center to bottom dead center, metal to metal.

      Zipper Color

      Color is probably the most subjective part of the zipper we deal with. While you might think that red is red or blue is blue, that's not the case. That's why. Once you have chosen your color, you must consider the type of light for which you approve the color. Is it fluorescent light, white light, or are you using sunlight outdoors? If you are outside, is it morning sun or afternoon sun? When you approve a color, be consistent with the light source you used when reviewing and approving the color.

      Everything you need to know before you order wholesale zippers. If you have any questions about the zipper before ordering, please feel free to contact us , we can help you through the process. Once you get through it, it gets easier and easier.

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